The Twilight Saga

| Monday, September 1, 2008

Hmmmmmm... I'm not a novel fanatic... and it takes a good book to get my attention. I prefer reading Technical/Computer related books and magazines. Last week, we were at the National Bookstore and my wife was so kulit. She keeps on begging to have a copy of the TWILIGHT Saga. So ano pa bang magagawa ko?

After two days she finished reading it then wala na s'yang ibang ginawa kundi kwentuhan ako nang kwentuhan about Edward and Bella. I tried reading the Preface... it's intriguing and it caught my interest. I'm now halfway and I can't stand putting it down once i've started reading. Well, who wouldn't want to read it???

It's a modern day vampire love story. It has something magical and fantasy element like "Blood and Chocolate" and "Harry Potter". We just bought the second book "New Moon" yesterday. I think I'm hooked on it now as if I was bitten by Edward and Bella's world.