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| Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally….. I’m back!!! Oooppsss…not from bora escapades ha… tagal na kaya naming nakauwi, I mean back to cyber world. Almost a month na ata ah. Well, maybe this is the prize of people who made a little AWOL in the office (ssshhhhhh!!!) kaya pagbalik… sangkatutak na trabaho ang naghihintay. You may wonder what a Linux command line doing in my post title? Well, di na kasi yan maalis-alis sa paningin ko sa kaka-butingting ng linux server and workstations this past weeks. Dagdagan pa ng network cabling/configurations, software installations and PC repair. Owwws.... my post title simply means reviving my blog site after a long period of inactivity.

Hmmmnnn…... just want to share you what my work really is….. first, I’m not a photographer, just a shutter happy guy. I’m a Computer Eng-eng employed in LGU as IT Consultant under City Mayor’s Computer Literacy Project. I’m teaching Basic Computer subjects in Elementary Students every morning then back to our office located in City Public Library in the afternoon to make butingting everything. After office hours, I worked as a Computer graphics/lay-out artist, multimedia/web designer, systems analyst and computer technician in our little company R2C2 Digital Instincts. Whew!... on weekends... laba saka plantsa... ganyan talaga ang mga Macho.... nooorin.....

Our small office inside City Public Library
(Magulo masyado kaya wall na lang pinakita ko)

BES Elementary School Computer Room
(Teaching Counter Strike, DOTA, GTA)

Configuring web/proxy server in City Library Internet Section

My desk in our little home-based company...
(shift time is from 8:00 pm to antukin)

our recent client.... Green Tropics Coffee Enterprises - producer of World's Most Expensive Coffee

Kafe Balos tarps


I am Mike said...

Ok gyud Ric, daghan work, daghan customer :-)

iceah said...

pareng kyaws please leave your email add sa wowlegs or chickenheart kasi want to invite you to be one of socksargen blogger group gaya ni sheng din c: thanx in advance c: